Educational Center «Technoimpulse» is aimed at implementing modern educational programs and providing students with all the necessary knowledge and competencies for the most qualitative development of professional potential. All offered educational programs are aimed exclusively at for practitioners who have to solve complex production and operational-technical tasks on a daily basis.

The main areas of activity are: conducting educational and consulting activities in the oil and gas industry.

Why us?

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The main advantage of our center is a strong, highly qualified teaching staff with real practical experience. Individual approach to each student, unique training materials developed with the help of experts in the field of hazardous production facilities operation. We gather the best specialists to implement more and more ambitious projects!

Corporate clients choose us because of our advantages::
  • Training with the use of Automated Training Systems (ATS) and computer simulators
  • Opportunity of teacher's departure (coach) to any point of the Russian Federation for conducting classes
  • Deferred payment of training up to 90 days
  • Availability of an electronic form of training
  • Using Teleconference (two-way audio and video communication between two and more remote objects) in the training process
  • Highly intelligent educational and methodical material
  • Using mobile training and monitoring systems for training

We are constantly keeping up with the times, increasing the level of our material and technical base. A modern approach to the formation of an innovative educational environment allows us to increase the effectiveness of professional education, and in accordance with the requirements of the customer train advanced specialists. A distinctive feature of our center is the responsibility with which our employees approach their tasks. High quality of work is achieved regardless of their volume, timing and complexity.


The use of computer simulators and automated training systems today is an integral part of developing the skills of personnel engaged in technological processes at hazardous production facilities.

The effectiveness of training using computer simulators is achieved with:

• practice the staff's skills in various production situations without putting yourself at risk and the object itself
• getting a complete picture of the technological process without going to a dangerous object
• trainee immersion in a 3D model environment and thereby increase interest in studying the issue
• opportunities to restore the chronicle of events and work out the actions of personnel in emergency situations
• reduction the cost of the process training sessions

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