Drilling of oil and gas wells

Automated training system (ATS) is designed to train students in the direction of «Drilling oil and gas wells».

 ATS consists of three training blocks:

  • Drilling rig DR-320 with the upper drive system of the company «Bentec».
  • Mobile drilling rig ZJ-40 with the upper drive system of the company «TESCO».
  • Drilling equipment and tools.

 First and second blocks contain training and verification tasks for the corresponding drilling rigs with upper drive systems.

 Tasks in these blocks are grouped into three sections:

  • introduction to the drilling rig
  • demonstration of work execution
  • tasks for self-execution of works

 All tasks are performed on 3D models of the corresponding drilling rigs.

 Third training block introduces the student to the general drilling equipment and tools used in drilling wells. The block contains scalable interactive pages with animated 2D/3D graphics and navigation, which dynamically reveal the device of equipment and tools, operating principles, classification, as well as additional reference information about drilling facilities.


  Contact information of the simulator developer:

  • Company name: LLC «Industrial systems»
  • Actual address: 426000, 255D, Udmurtskaya Str., Izhevsk, Russian Federation
  • Legal (postal) address: 426035, 31-122, Timiryazev Str., Izhevsk, Russian Federation
  • Phone (fax): +7 922 680 65 27, (3412) 57-32-35
  • E-mail: office@is-it.ru, afi@is-it.ru
  • Skype: office_is
  • Address of the website in the Internet: www.is-it.ru
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