Crane operator

Automated training system (ATS) is intended for training and professional development of drivers of gantry, bridge, automobile cranes and manipulator cranes can be used for training slingers.

 On interactive screen forms with navigation, the ATS clearly demonstrates to the student the device and the principle of operation of various types of cranes and their mechanisms, introduces cargo handling devices and slinging technology.

 Program allows students to practice on models of bridge and gantry cranes in the following modes:

  • turning on the crane,
  • turning off the crane,
  • selection of cargo and selection of appropriate slings,
  • movement and descent of cargo with the use of sign signaling, etc.

 ATS includes 3D simulators of a car crane and a crane manipulator, which implement the following tasks:

  • installation of the crane in the working position,
  • installation of the crane in the stowed position,
  • setting up safety devices (crane load limiter),
  • performing various crane operations with various loads together with a virtual slinger,
  • operation of the crane in a limited space,
  • simulation of emergency situations, etc.

 You can control cranes in 3D simulators using the keyboard and mouse, and you can also control crane operations using two joysticks.

 In the 3D crane simulator, a task for joint training of a crane operator and a slinger is implemented. To perform such a task, the students are divided into pairs (crane operator and slinger).


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