Repair of wells


Automated training System (ATS) is designed to train specialists in underground well repair.

 On interactive screen forms with navigation, ATS introduces students to the main technological operations and equipment used in the repair of wells:

  • scheme of arrangement of equipment
  • lifting unit for well repair
  • well killing
  • repair and insulation works
  • liquidation of accidents etc.

 ATS includes 3D / 2D simulators of the lifting unit, which demonstrate the performance and allow you to independently perform tasks:

  • assembly of the unit
  • dismantling of the unit
  • descent of the tubing
  • lifting tubing

 ATS is also equipped with a computer simulator, which contains the following types of simulation tasks for well repair:

  • repair cementing of the well during underground repairs
  • well killing 


Contact information of the simulator developer:

  • Company name: LLC «Industrial systems»
  • Actual address: 426000, 255D, Udmurtskaya Str., Izhevsk, Russian Federation
  • Legal (postal) address: 426035, 31-122, Timiryazev Str., Izhevsk, Russian Federation
  • Phone (fax): +7 922 680 65 27, (3412) 57-32-35
  • E-mail:,
  • Skype: office_is
  • Address of the website in the Internet:
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