Documents of LLC «Technoimpulse»


LLC «Technoimpulse»

  • Charter of LLC «Technoimpulse»
  • License of LLC «Technoimpulse»
  • Occupational health and safety accreditation
  • Financial and economic activity plan
  • Sample contract of paid educational services
  • Training mode for students
  • Report on the results of self-examination
  • Procedure and for transfer, deduction and reinstatement of students
  • Procedure for registration of the creation, suspension and termination of relations between an educational organization and students and (or) parents (legal representatives) of minor students
  • Internal regulations for students
  • Internal labor regulations
  • Admission rules for students
  • Forms, frequency and procedure of current monitoring of students ' progress and intermediate certification
  • Price list (cost training for each educational program)
  • Regulations of the bodies exercising state control (supervision) in the field of education