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Educational Center «Technoimpulse» was established in April, 2006 by citizens Russian Federation Russian Federation in accordance with a Civilian Code of the Russian Federation and other regulatory acts that do not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation. Today the Educational Center «Technoimpulse» is a leading, promising educational organization that implements professional training programs and programs of additional professional education for high-quality training of managers, specialists and working personnel engaged in practical activities at hazardous production facilities. 

Modern educational programs are aimed at implementing and acquiring all the necessary knowledge and competencies for the most qualitative development of the professional potential of employees of hazardous production facilities. All offered educational programs are aimed exclusively at practitioners who have to solve complex production and operational-technical tasks on a daily basis.

The teaching staff of the Educational Center ensures that the training programs are as close as possible to the real needs of individual clients and corporate customers. Since 2014 years old interactive computer simulators have been actively used in educational activities. Automated training systems (simulators that simulate the conditions and content of a person's industrial activity) allow you to create optimal conditions for the effective formation of professional knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for performing this activity. Interactive learning opportunities simulators are close to the actual conditions of performing the corresponding technological operation, and this determines their effectiveness as a means of training and monitoring the acquired knowledge and competencies.

The main areas of activity are: conducting educational and consulting activities in the oil and gas industry. Rented premises that have passed sanitary-epidemiological and fire-prevention surveys are used for training. There is a library of specialized literature, including an electronic catalog of publications. For the implementation of the educational process, the company is fully provided with material and technical resources.

The Educational Center for attracts teaching activities candidates of sciences, leading specialists, the best consultants, manufacturers with extensive experience work on dangerous facilities of oil, gas, petrochemical, mining, metallurgical industry to any listener of educational programs can receive necessary competence, recommendations and detailed clarification in professional issues.

All training programs are agreed upon Rostechnadzor, Ministry of labor and employment of the population of the Orenburg region and the Main Department EMERCOM of Russia for Orenburg region.


Place of educational activity:

  • 460048,164/,1 Pobeda Ave., Orenburg
  • 461040, 11, Lenin Str., Buzuluk

Background information:

  • (3532) 48-18-45, 48-28-37
  • 29-82-62 (from 9.00 to 21.00)
  • 8-800-200-46-22 (toll-free)


Opening hours:

from 9-00 to 17-30

Weekend: Saturday, Sunday

LLC «Technoimpulse»

Name of the organization in accordance with the Charter: Limited Liability Company «Technoimpulse»

  • Type: training organization
  • Type: private
  • Languages used for training: Russian
  • Form of study: full-time, part-time, correspondence
  • Legal address: 164/1, Pobeda Ave., Orenburg region, Russia
  • Actual address: 164/1, Pobeda Ave., Orenburg region, Russia
  • Phone: (3532) 48-18-45, 48-28-37
  • Fax: (3532) 48-18-45
  • website:
  • E-mail:
  • Founders: O.L. Shamonina , V.L. Silantieva
  • Director: Shamonina Olga Leonidovna acts on the basis of organization the organization сhart
  • Deputy Director - head of the Educational Center: Medvedeva Yulia Vladimirovna


LLC «Technoimpulse»

  • Legal address: 460048, 164/1, Pobeda Ave., Orenburg
  • Postal address: 460048, 164/1, Pobeda Ave., Orenburg
  • Phone / Fax: (3532) 48-18-45, 48-28-37
  • TIN/RRC 5609048760/560901001
  • Checking account: 40702810946000019569
  • Currency account: 40702840100050001026
  • Bank: Sberbank branch № 8623 Russian Federation of Orenburg
  • Correspondent account: 30101810600000000601
  • Banking Identification code 045354601
  • e-mail:

Director: Shamonina Olga Leonidovna acts on the basis of the organization сhart.