Recognition and liquidation of gas, oil and water inflows

Computer simulator is designed to prepare personnel for the correct jamming of gas-oil-water inflows (GOWI) at wells.

 Simulator is a network software, the workplaces of which are located on computers connected to the local computer network.

 Mathematical apparatus of the simulator allows you to simulate the processes of:

  • development of GOWI in wells;
  • liquidation ofGOWI.

 Software package of the simulator allows you to fully automate the process of completing tasks for an arbitrary number of students thanks to the following functionality:

  • use of an automated knowledge control system (AKCS) «Development» to ensure the centralized work of teachers and students with the tasks of the simulator, the results of their implementation;
  • automatic adaptive time scaling control for «slow» processes (fluid washout, heavy solution injection, solution bleed, etc.) during the task execution at each workplace;

automatic calculation of the final assessment of the task completion by the student on a 100-point scale based on penalty criteria.


Contact information of the simulator developer:

  • Company name: LLC «Industrial systems»
  • Actual address: 426000, 255D, Udmurtskaya Str., Izhevsk, Russian Federation
  • Legal (postal) address: 426035, 31-122, Timiryazev Str., Izhevsk, Russian Federation
  • Phone (fax): +7 922 680 65 27, (3412) 57-32-35
  • E-mail:,
  • Skype: office_is
  • Address of the website in the Internet:
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