Professional training

Professional training is aimed at the acquisition of professional competence by persons of different ages, including for working with specific equipment, technologies, hardware and software and other professional means, obtaining qualification categories, classes, categories for the profession of a worker without changing the level of education.

Professional training under professional training programs in the professions of workers is understood as professional training of persons who previously did not have a worker's profession.

Under professional training program for the retraining of workers refers to professional training of persons who have the profession of workers, trade workers, in order to obtain a new profession working with the needs of production, type of professional activity.

 Professional training according to professional development programs for workers is understood professional training of persons who already have the profession of a worker, the profession of workers in order to consistently improve professional knowledge, skills and abilities in the existing profession of a worker without raising the educational level.

 Duration of professional training is determined by a specific professional development program developed and approved on the basis of the established qualification requirements of Article 74 of Federal Law № 273-FL of December, 29, 2012 «On Education in the Russian Federation».

 Professional training is completed by the final certification in the form of a qualification exam.

 Educational Center «Technoimpulse» provides training in the following directions:

  • Driller for production and exploration drilling of oil and gas wells
  • Driller for capital well repairs
  • Assistant driller for production and exploration drilling of oil and gas wells (second)
  • Assistant driller for production and exploration drilling of oil and gas wells (first)
  • Driller's assistant of capital well repairs
  • Rig Installer
  • Rig driver of oil and gas drilling
  • Rig driver of a steam mobile dewaxing unit (SMDU)
  • Lift driver
  • Motorist of the cementing unit
  • Operator for hydraulic fracturing of stratum
  • Operator for oil and gas production
  • Operator for well exploration
  • Operator for preparation of wells for capital and underground well repairs
  • Operator for underground repair of wells
  • Operator for chemical processing of wells
  • Operator for well cementing
  • Rig driver of oil and gas field equipment maintenance units
  • Drilling rig driver (on the water)
  • Rig driver of dredging floating non-self-propelled projectile
  • Rig driver logging station
  • Blaster (ABW in wells) 4 class
  • Distributor of explosive materials 
  • Construction professions
  • Slinger
  • Crane operator
  • Driver of a steam generator unit for pumping steam into oil reservoirs
  • Driver of mobile compressor
  • Driver of process pumps
  • Driver of mobile power plant
  • Installer of external pipelines
  • Motorist of cement and sand mixing unit
  • Cylinder filler
  • Motor operator of cement control station
  • Operator of dewatering and desalting plant
  • Operator for process units
  • Operator for commodity
  • Instrument technician
  • Locksmith for drilling rig maintenance
  • Locksmith for the repair of technological unit
  • Locksmith-repairman
  • Operator for of sinking and bottling
  • Linear pipeliner
  • Electrician for drilling rig maintenance
  • Electrician for maintenance and repair of electrical equipment
  • Electrician for substation maintenance